News: Mayor Ballard gets mugged in Detroit


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According to Mayor Ballard's office, the mayor got mugged over the weekend and had his cell phone stolen. It happened Saturday evening while he was in Detroit, Mich. for the NCAA Final Four tournament.

According to police reports, Mayor Ballard was walking back to his hotel after the basketball game on Saturday evening when a man acted as if he were having a seizure. At that point, Mayor Ballard went to offer assistance to the man on the ground. Upon doing so, two to three other male subjects immediately surrounded the mayor at which time one of the subjects reached into Mayor Ballard's pocket and stole his cell phone.

The man whom Mayor Ballard was attempting to help then suddenly got up and fled the scene with the other subjects. Almost immediately, Mayor Ballard realized that his phone had been taken. The Detroit Police Department was notified. They believe the perpetrators are from out of town and had come to Detroit to prey on the large crowds in town for the NCAA tournament.

The Mayor's office didn't say if we can expect the same type of out of town guests when the Final Four is here in Indy next year.


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