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During the primaries, Obama told NUVO that he supported the creation/expansion of light rail here in the Midwest. Now, those who heard him support the idea here and elsewhere are asking him to put his money where his mouth is:

NUVO: Given that costs for automobile and airline travel continue to increase, as well as the environmental problems that continue to plague our most popular modes of transportation, do you have a vision for a national transportation system that provides real energy and cost saving alternatives as well as a lower environmental impact? Could Amtrak, for example, have a bigger role?

Sen. Obama: I do support more funding for Amtrak, but what I would really like to see is a national high-speed rail system. Particularly in the Midwest. We should have a high-speed rail system between Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit and other cities. Particularly with gas prices being what they are and the increased expense in air travel, I think people would be very happy to see some type of high-speed rail system. And it is something I am interested in pursuing as president.

Now that he's about to take office, and working on an economic stimulus package, The Midwest High Speed Rail Assoc. is asking soon-to-be President Obama to give some serious thought into investing in light rail, including Amtrak here in Indianapolis.

According to MHSRA, investing in high-speed rail will help create (green) jobs, strengthen the economy, and improve the quality of life — both from environmental and transportation perspectives — for residents.

At this point, only $100 million in federal funds have been earmarked for light rail development, while the planned high-speed rail projects in California alone will require at least $15 billion. Imagine how much Indiana stands to gain...

Which is why those who want high speed light rail transit here in the Midwest are asking for as many people as possible to sign a petition asking Pres. Obama and members of Congress to invest at least $5 billion in high-speed rail in the $700 billion stimulus package they are currently working on.

To find out more and/or sign the petition yourself, go to


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