News: Roadblocks and photo-ops


Due to safety concerns of the structural integrity of what remains of the Cosmopolitan building following last week's massive fire, the City has once again closed Senate Avenue (from Michigan Street to North Street).

The move comes at the recommendation of structural engineers involved in the cleanup of last week's fire. No re-opening date has been set. According to the Dept. of Public Works, "the closure will be for an undetermined period of time."

Not so coincidentally...

Three members of the Indiana General Assembly have announced they are holding a press conference at the site tomorrow morning.

According to their press release, State Reps. Ed DeLaney, Mary Ann Sullivan and John Barnes (all Democrats, all of Indianapolis), will hold a news conference tomorrow at 1:15 in front of the burned-out Cosmopolitan "to announce their plans to pursue the consolidation of Marion County's township fire departments during the 2009 session of the Indiana General Assembly."

Stay tuned.

Oh — and take an alternate route!


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