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Nitro Cold-Brew Tapping Party

When: Fri., May 15, 6-9 p.m. 2015

The newest evolution in third wave coffee, which treats coffee beans as artisanal products and seeks to produce the utmost flavor from the bean, Nitro-Brew is a unique way to experience coffee; cold and creamy almost like a Guinness, but fully coffee. In fact, the volunteer-run shop will serve the coffee from a tap, pulled to perfection just like you would receive at any bar. The chemistry behind the new brew is actually remarkably similar to that of dark beers. The premium coffee is slow-brewed in cold water, placed in an actual keg and then nitrogenized as it is pulled through the tap. Because nitrogen is mostly insoluble, unlike carbon dioxide as in soda and other beers, it mingles with the coffee and as it is pushed out through a restrictor plate with tiny holes it creates a creamy, cascading and full cup of cold- brewed coffee with a light and smooth head that fills your mouth with rich coffee flavor.

Price: Free.

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