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No more plastic hangers!

Typically a plastic hanger is a #6, so recycle where #6s are accepted.


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Hi Renee,

I was wondering about recycling plastic hangers. I've seen information about wire hangers. How about all plastic ones, and the plastic ones with metal hook tops? I work at a resale shop, and we end up with bags and bags full of spare hangers. Can I recycle them? Where? Or is “use less and donate” my best option?


Hi Asli,

“Use less” is always the best option, but I won’t get hung up on that topic. A good friend and reader suggested that food/clothing pantries can use hangers for their donated clothes. She specifically mentioned Tuxedo Park Baptist Church and I’m sure there are many others who would be grateful for hangers.

Another thought — you may try bundling hangers together and selling them at the resale shop or just put them out for free to your customers who may need more hangers at home.

If the hangers are broken, then they can be recycled. Typically a plastic hanger is a #6, so recycle where #6s are accepted.

Piece out,


(NOTE: This letter appeared in the May 20, 2015 edition of NUVO.)


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