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Nora at the 2016 Indiana State Fair - Day Eight


Time for a little more 4-H history kids. Our last lesson ended at the 1940s

The fifties were happy times for Indiana 4-H. The decade opened with 72,041 club members (about 20,000 more than ten years earlier). Enrollment concentrated in the rural areas and small towns. There was a drive to appeal to youth in the cities and suburbs. Increased membership led to more adult leaders and bigger and better county fairs and competition. 

By 1960 Indiana 4-H ranked sixth in the country with enrollment of 90,101 (three times the 1930 membership). And 60% of the 4-H'rs were non-farm living girls. 

The 4-H Foundation was formed in 1961 and the age limit for participation was changed in 1965 to 9-19 (previously 10-21). Changes were also made in the structure of how 4-H was run on the county level. 

That's enough 4-H for today. On to my evening at the Fair. 
Dinner was a grilled cheese from the Dairy Bar carried to the Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibit. I got the flight (sampler) of beers. A delicious combo! 


My timing was perfect to watch the Daily Parade. Tractors!
Shiny !


I met up with Tammy and the kiddos at the Midway. I was getting dizzy just watching the rides! 


I made a quick stop at the Free Stage to catch a song of 38 Special on the way to the Monon Trail for my walk home. 

Saturday picks: 
2:30      Fun with Newspapers with Mr. Reel [Pioneer Village] 
3:00      Indiana State Fair...The Musical [Pioneer Village]
7:30      Bacon Brothers [Free Stage]
Nora Spitznogle can still recite the 4-H pledge by heart and is an unabashed Indiana State Fair geek. She hasn't missed a single day of the Fair in over a decade and the stack of ribbons from entering baking competitions and ugly lamp contests in the Open Show are among her prized possessions. 


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