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Nora at the 2016 Indiana State Fair - Day Five


My visit to the Indiana State Fair today was all about food and volunteering. The Two Dollar Tuesday  theme not only applies at the gate, but the food vendors all offer a $2 taste of the Fair. Not only is the price nice, but the portion sizes are sensible. And it all happens again next Tuesday. 


I started with dessert first. The Red Barn offers Mouse Ears - a smaller version of their delicious Elephant Ears. As you can see from the photo, they are still huge - I used my head a reference point. 


My next stop was the Pork Tent. I'm hooked on the pork chop sandwiches, so I was happy for the chance to sample the pulled pork BBQ slider. It was wonderful, with just the right amount of Shoup's BBQ sauce to still let the pork flavor shine through. 


Who doesn't love those spiral-cut deep-fried potatoes from King's Taters? Oh my goodness, they are delicious! Their Tuesday offering is a smaller version of their regular plate of potatoes - it is still a boatload - and about 10 Weight Watchers Points - of crunchy goodness. 

 I took a little break to watch the Olympics before I started my volunteer shift at the Washington Township Lions Club Corn Stand and I managed to spill my big cup of iced tea right on my lap. While the ice cooled me down a bit, it looked like I'd wet my pants. Instead of sampling more goodies or walking around, I high-tailed it to the corn stand holding my bag over my back side and my hat over my front. I couldn't get that apron on fast enough.  

You all might be wondering why I've been volunteering at the Lions Club Corn Stand for the last three days. The members of the club volunteer at Second Helpings (my full-time job) and donate money to us. When we did inventory, two of the club members spent hours in the freezer with me. I promised them that I would do some blazing hot day volunteering from them. It was a butter-covered, hard-work great experience, and I appreciate the Fair vendors even more! 

Picks for Wednesday: 
2:00-4:00     Front Porch History [DNR Building]
4:00        Machinery in Action [Pioneer Village]
5:00 - 7:00   Open Class Youth Halter and Lead [Sheep Barn]
7:30        Happy Together Tour [Free Stage] 
Nora Spitznogle can still recite the 4-H pledge by heart and is an unabashed Indiana State Fair geek. She hasn't missed a single day of the Fair in over a decade and the stack of ribbons from entering baking competitions and ugly lamp contests in the Open Show are among her prized possessions. 


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