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Nora at the 2016 Indiana State Fair - Day Nine


Rain didn't keep me from enjoying the Indiana State Fair today, although I was grateful for my galoshes and umbrella. 

I took a cruise through the sheep barn trying to catch up with my Cass County cousins. I missed them, but enjoyed looking at their awards and sheep. Congratulations Miah and Arie!  
The medallion gang - NORA SPITZNOGLE
  • Nora Spitznogle
  • The medallion gang

All of my favorite
The 2016 medallion - NORA SPITZNOGLE
  • Nora Spitznogle
  • The 2016 medallion
souvenirs come from the Pioneer Village side of the Fairgrounds.
You can watch these metal discs get stamped and the hole punched on a steam engine operated machine.

My next stop was to visit Lee, who stamps cedar shingles with the year and Indiana State Fair. This year they also made a bicentennial version. Of course I bought both. I seem to be building a cedar closet one shingle at a time. 

Michael Lawson, Reynolds Farm Equipment
  • Michael Lawson, Reynolds Farm Equipment
I popped into Mac Reynolds barn to visit Micheal Lawson and check out the 2016 Reynolds Farm Equipment State Fair tee shirt. 

Micheal is at the State Fair everyday and does an amazing job of connecting people and telling the stories of the people he encounters. 

I'd been lurking around the Mac Reynolds Barn for years, looking at the toys and purchasing John Deere gear. 

Five years ago the Second Helpings Hunger Relief kitchen was remodeled and we needed to move offsite for six weeks. My dream location was the State Fairgrounds. Barto's Catering and Concessions let us take over their kitchen and we were able to use the Farm Bureau auditorium to park our trucks and vans and store pallets of food. It was all perfect until the day that we learned there was an event in the auditorium and we had to clear out. We had to find space for two box trucks and six vans not to mention all of food and supplies. Oh, and it is was December.

I learned that the Mac Reynolds barn was empty and there was a key available. We tucked our stuff in there and all was well - we didn't miss a beat with sending out meals or rescuing food. 

Eight months later I introduced myself to Michael and confessed that we had taken over the building for a few days. He was so gracious, telling me that the Reynolds family would appreciate the story! I've enjoyed getting to know him and his lovely wife, Allison, over the years. 

Swing by the Mac Reynolds Barn, say hello to Micheal pick up a groovy tee shirt ($15), and ohh and ahh over those beautiful green tractors. 

Check out these beautiful Indiana boxes! I am happy to say that one is now sitting on my dresser. They are for sale in the Pioneer Village Barn. 

You can meet a farm family in the Glass Barn, take a soybean quiz to win a hat, and get your picture taken with a farm scene background. 

John Deere Charlie - NORA SPITZNOGLE
  • Nora Spitznogle
  • John Deere Charlie

New in the antique tractor yard behind Pioneer Village is a collection of Indiana-make equipment. The delightful "John 
Deere Charlie" was watching over the tractors and such. He owned the John Deere dealership in Crawfordsville from 1964-1986. 

It was too wet and rainy to fire up all of the antique farm machinery, but they did run the giant steam-driven tractor-powered saw to cut logs. 

Ellsworth Christmas (isn't that the best name ever?) demonstrated cutting cedar shingles. 


I was delighted to catch "State Fair....The Musical." It is so much fun! Just the right amount of corny jokes, heart-tugging moments, and music. It is staged in the Old Opry House in Pioneer Village - out of the rain or sun or whatever the heck version of Indiana weather that we happen to be having that day. 

Show times:
Tuesday, August 16, 7:00 PM
Friday, August 19, 7:00 PM
Saturday, August 20, 6:00 PM

Sunday picks: 

2:00       Farm Machinery in Action [Pioneer Village]
3:00       State Fair...The Musical [Pioneer Village]
4:00 - 6:00  Andra Faye and Scott Ballantine [Pioneer Village] 
5:00 - 9:00  National Percheron and Clydesdale Horse Show [Coliseum]

Nora Spitznogle can still recite the 4-H pledge by heart and is an unabashed Indiana State Fair geek. She hasn't missed a single day of the Fair in over a decade and the stack of ribbons from entering baking competitions and ugly lamp contests in the Open Show are among her prized possessions.  


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