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Nora at the State Fair: Day 12


Fair food consumed:

Sweet corn on the cob

King's Taters sampler

Fried Pizza sampler

I worked so late I didn't get to the Fair until a few minutes before 9:00 PM. It is the first time I've ever walked into the Fairgrounds after dark. There is a totally different feel to the Fair at night. The crowd skews younger — think packs of urban teenagers carrying stuffed animals and trying to look cool.

Although it may not seem like it to the outside observer, I've not gone overboard on my junk food consumption and tried to balance it with lots of walking around the Fairgrounds. That all went out to Hell tonight. The only walking I did was from food vendor to food vendor. Not only was it $2.00 sample night, but there was nothing else to do be eat or wander the Midway.

I started with sweet corn from the Jaycees booth. They had a line down the street and handled it with efficiency and grace. I'm not sure I'd last very long answering the game goofy questions. "Do you have corn on the cob? Is it sweet corn? Can you make me one not grilled?" I took my ear and snuck around to where Ryan Zumbahlen was grilling dozens of ears of corn at time. They soak the big mesh bags of corn in watering troughs full of water. They load the grills (I forgot to look they are fueled by charcoal or wood) with stacks of corn to cook. Ryan was wearing thick gloves that he'd have to smack together to put out the sparks. He'd toss the cooked ears in to a cooler, where another group would shuck and butter the corn.

My next stop was to the Deep Fried Pizza. I must say that I was disappointed. Mostly because I'm a purist when it comes to naming food and the pizza was not actually deep-fried. The dough was fried and the toppings were added afterward. That said, I thought the sauce was nice and tomato-y, fitting for the "Year of Tomatoes." And it was worth the $2.00 to sample it.

From there I waddled to King's Potatoes. They were offering a $2.00 sample also. It was still a lot of fresh potato chips for one person, but I managed to finish the plate full. I parked myself on a bench across from the Kings' booth to eat them and listen to the Jason Mraz concert. I ran in to two Second Helpings graduates — actually, they joined me. Something about knowing where to find me... .

I was too stuffed to waddle back to the gate, so I rode the tram. This was the first trip that I felt like I over indulged. Ugggh.


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