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NUmedia: Mark Cuban's Stimulus Plan


My plan for today was to have a campy little post comparing and contrasting Valentine's Day ads. It's Friday. I wanted to keep it light. But something much more interesting has come up. Mark Cuban wants to fund start up businesses- personally- via his blog. His rules are strict, as they should be- the man's an innovator and leader.

This is not a panel-judged contest or raffle for free cash. He's calling it "open-source funding". If Mr. Cuban thinks your business plan is - and if you meet all of his (currently 13) requirements-you get funded.

But there is a catch. All business plans must be posted to his blog. That leaves you open to A) serious scrutiny and B) copycats. But, Cuban says, that's the idea. If you have a solid business concept it should be duplicated, refined, and made successful in as many locations as possible. I'm not sure I agree with the last part, at least not in the way it's been framed here, but Cuban says his motivation is to create jobs. Cuban is also making a bit of a political statement here, but I'd find it very hard to bet against him.

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