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NUVO Election Guide 2011



The most important race in Indianapolis is not at the Brickyard. It's run every four years for the people of Indianapolis to take an active role in their city's political direction.

We've seen the commercials, we've heard the talking points, now we must decide whom to seat as the chief executive charged with oversight of the combined operations of the City of Indianapolis and Marion County.

Not to worry, dear NUVO readers. Perhaps, like us, you find attractive attributes in all the candidates and you believe they all are good people who love Indiana and are committed to working as hard as they possibly can to serve its capital city as head cheerleader and manager. Too bad we can't ask some of the out-of-work scientists here in the Bio-Crossroads to clone some kind of three-way love child. No possibility for Mayor Melbalbo? No worries. We can guide you toward an open-minded and intelligent choice.

Read our primer and answer a few simple questions. At the end, most likely, you'll have identified your finalist.

You also have to make a choice about City-County Council leadership. We'll prime the political pump for you and let you settle where you feel most comfortable.

It's an honor to watchdog the city on your behalf. Thank you for reading.

— Rebecca Townsend, NUVO News Editor

Meet Indy's Libertarian Party: Questioning notions of viability

The Libertarians have a small, but dedicated team doing all they can to engage in debate and attract voters. But they keep getting dissed... Before you take our mayoral candidate questionnaire, check this out.


Review our Mayoral Primer here.

City-County Council

Those of you with a great enough sense of civic duty to actually face your ballot will be asked to select four at-large City-Council candidates who are charged with representing the entire city's interests and one to represent the interests of your district.

We know that our questions won't offer a comprehensive treatment of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses, but we hope this offering provides enough to give you a flavor of their personalities and philosophy.

All but one of the at-large candidates took the time to respond to the following nine questions:

* What do you offer as a candidate?

* What does your district most need from the City-Council?

* What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

* What is your position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

* Do you think the city needs more police officers?

* Do you support increased funding for public transit?

* Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

* Name one project that would most benefit your district.

* What question do you wish we'd asked?

At-Large Candidates for City-County Council

Check out the candidates' profiles:

Zach Adamson

John Barth

Jacqueline Cissell

Patrick Culley

Pamela L. Hickman

Michael Kalscheur

Bill Levin

Reid Roberts Miller

Barbara Malone

Angel M. Rivera

Leroy Robinson

The Districts

Map of city council districts. The Marion County Election Board’s voter information portal allows you to look up your district by street address. - ASHA PATEL

District 1

Michael Bishop

District 2

Angela Mansfield

Sam Goldstein

District 3

Len Farber

Ryan Vaughn

District 4

Christine Scales

Kostas Poulakidas

District 5

Ginny Cain

Chris Hodapp

Jackie Butler

District 6

Kevin R. Fleming

District 7

Matt Stone

Maggie Lewis

Sahara Williams

District 8

Sorry District , none of your candidates chose to participate in our Election Guide.

District 9

Joe Simpson

Jeramy Townsley

District 10

Joell Palmer

District 11

Steve Talley

Tom Mulcahy

District 12

Mike McQuillen

District 13

Jason Sipe

Jared Evans

District 14

Maxine King

Mary Pfisterer

District 15

Vop Osili

AJ Feeny-Ruiz

District 16

Bill Bruton

District 17

Mary B. Moriarty Adams

District 18

Michael Heady

District 19

Jeff Miller

District 20

Susie Day

District 21

Sorry District 21, none of your candidates chose to participate in our Election Guide.

District 22

Jason Holliday

District 23

Scott Coxey

District 24

Ed Coleman

Jack Sandlin

District 25

Kevin Vail

Please note: Any candidates not listed above chose not to participate in NUVO Election Guide.


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