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NUVO Premiere: Coyote Armada's 'How Not To Be Lonely'



We've got a little Christmas gift for you today. Yes, you're welcome! No, of course you didn't have to get us anything. 

In all seriousness, NUVO is super pleased to bring you local band Coyote Armada's new album How Not To Be Lonely in its entirety. The band will celebrate the release at a show on Sunday at the Grove Haus, one of the all-ages venues that we highlighted on the cover this week. Here's a tiny chat with singer Bob Barrick about Sunday's show. 

NUVO: Why did you pick Grove Haus for your locale for this show?

Bob Barrick: When we first started planning the show, Adam Pedersen (Fourteen19 Presents), Ben Cannon (Shine Indy), and I imagined a really calm, kind of listening room experience for our audience, and while we're all big fans of the local clubs, it's hard to imagine anyone really paying attention to more subdued music over the sound of clinking glasses. The Grove Haus provided an opportunity to take control of the event's mood in a way that would be near impossible at the typical bar venue.

NUVO: Was it important to you that the show be all-ages?

Barrick: Absolutely. It wasn't too long ago that I was in the same boat as a lot of these all-ages venues' audiences. Growing up in Noblesville, I wanted nothing more than to see the Old 97's when they came through the Vogue, but it was always out of my reach. That experience, or lack thereof, really limited the extent of my exposure to intimately set, live performances. Moreover, with this show at the Grove Haus being a holiday benefit concert for Shepherd Community, it's really important to me that listeners feel welcome to bring their families along to join in on the celebration.

NUVO: What is the status of Coyote Armada since you've moved? 

There was a misconception among the community that Coyote Armada had broken up upon my move to Pittsburgh to serve in Americorps. That can't be further from the truth. In fact, we're finding ourselves more excited by our music and by our brand than we have at any point in our past.

On December 21, we will release How Not To Be Lonely, a new, full-length album filled with remastered material from our previous release alongside plenty of brand new tunes. Fans can pick up physical copies of that album at "A Night With Coyote Armada," our holiday benefit show at the Grove Haus on December 21st. Doors open at 6:30 P.M.


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