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NUVO Premiere: Snack Mountain, "Choosing"


Let me tell you two things I'm basically always on board with: Rodeo Ruby Love and Harry Potter-themed music.  So when Zachary Melton, the singer for the former, told me that he recorded an album based on the latter, I sent up a quick thanks to the local music gods for their glorious Halloween gift. 

"While recording the last RRL record," Melton says about his new project, "I was feeling a little constricted, so I decided I would work on my group of songs without the rest of the guys. At the time I was listening to the Harry Potter audio book series for the 8th time (currently on my 10th listen) and decided to shape the songs around some of my favorite moments in the Harry Potter series." 

Burke Sullivan (New Terrors) and Kurt Friedrich (Rodeo Ruby Love, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight) put this project together with Melton, who tells me Steve Marino and Zac Canale will play on some of the other tracks. The project, called Snack Mountain and The Boys Who Live, gets a full album release (seven tracks for seven books) some time around Christmas. 

And now, the first song:


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