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Have a passion for local music? Call yourself a foodie? Can't get enough of local politics? Regularly getting your groove on to the city's best dj beats? Well then, perhaps YOU should be writing for US!

NUVO is looking for Indianapolis locals who want to be paid contributors to the "new" site we'll be launching in March 2010.

We're looking for —

1. Writers who know their shit when it comes to subject matter.

(This means you've done your homework, you're well-versed in the topic, and know good from bad. It also means that you understand who and what came before your arrival on the scene as well as you do the heavy-hitters and up-and-comers worth writing about now — be it in the area of local arts, music, politics, djs or restaurants.)

2. Writers who know their shit when it comes to new media.

(This means you are web-savvy, tech-savvy and digital media savvy. It means that you probably already have a blog, definitely use social media networks like twitter and facebook to promote yourself and your work, and, if truth be told, digg your own stories as much, if not more, than everyone else. It also means you know how to write, edit and deliver stories & photos (and maybe even video) electronically and frequently.)

3. Writers who know their shit when it comes to being a professional.

(This means you meet your deadlines, you proofread your own work, you provide all resources for fact-checking, attend required editorial meetings and adhere to basic journalistic principles of ethics without lying and, if at all possible, without whining.)

4. Writers who want to cover local beats in:

a. News (social justice, politics, environment)

b. A+E (visual arts, performing arts)

c. Music (hip-hop, metal, punk, rock)

d. Food + Drink (restaurants, markets, chefs)

e. Nightlife (comedy, djs, dance, parties)

Still interested?

Send an email to that includes the following:

1. Personal information (First name, last name, email, phone)

2. Education/Experience (Any relevant WRITING education/experience)

3. Links to published work (articles or blog posts: 5 maximum)

4. 450-500 words on how you meet requirement #1 above for the beat you're after.

Deadline: February 12, 2010


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