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NUVO's Chuck Workman honored by Black Expo



In yonder days of yore, men were named for their profession: One's dining table was constructed by Dan Carpenter, one's window framed by Richard Glazier, one's pipes fixed by Joe Plumber. The tradition lives on through NUVO's jazz columnist Chuck Workman, who is nothing if not the hardest working man in showbiz, and other bizzes as well.

And this year, Indiana Black Expo will recognize Chuck for his work and excellence by awarding him the Lynn Dean Ford Print Award, given by the Indiana Black Business Conference in recognition of a person of color doing exceptional work in print media.

Chuck has written for NUVO Newsweekly since just about the beginning, contributing his Jazz Notes to the paper since 1993. But his resume includes work across media. Let's run it down:

*WTLC founder/organizer, music director, 1967 to June 1968
*Radio producer/host for WIAN (1970 to 1990), WTPI (1986 to 2005), WICR (2006 to present)
*WTTV-4 sportscaster (1969-1974), sports director (1974 to 1980), director of public affairs (1980 to 1984)

Chuck became the first black sports director in the state when he took on that job with WTTV-4. And he's also done plenty of off-air work, including jobs facilitating events and jazz concerts for the Indianapolis Zoo and Arts Council of Indianapolis.

The award presentation will be held tonight (July 14) at 6:30 p.m. in rooms 101-103 of the Indiana Convention Center.


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