Occupy Indy banishes a stray element



NUVO received this communication from the Occupy Indianapolis Legal Committee today:

As per proposal passed at Occupy Indianapolis' General Assembly on November 8, 2011: "Deliberate Misrepresentation of Occupy Indianapolis"

Occupy Indianapolis asserts that the only line of communication with Occupy Indianapolis is through our General Assembly and our committee meetings.

Deanna L. Erickson (aka .5, Occupy Reason) does not represent Occupy Indianapolis in any way and has deliberately entered into and/or initiated communication with press, government officials, online community and private individuals claiming to represent Occupy Indianapolis with absolutely no authorization from our General Assembly and is not a member of any committee that represents Occupy Indianapolis.

-on November 17, 2011 Deanna L. Erickson issued a statement to governor Mitch Daniels claiming to be affiliated with Occupy Indianapolis and hand delivered it to his office without having obtained prior approval from our GA. Occupy Indianapolis has not received a copy of this letter nor were we aware that this was being done beforehand.

-Deanna L. Erickson claims to have started a group called "Occupy Reason", which has no association with Occupy Indianapolis and does not represent Occupy Indianapolis in any way.

-Deanna L. Erickson has made statements to THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, NUVO NEWS, and local TV channels 13, 11, 8 & 6, misrepresenting the opinions and views of Occupy Indianapolis without consent or authorization.

-Deanna L. Erickson has attempted to be incarcerated by state police regularly for issues Occupy Indianapolis considers trivial and will not be provided with any legal help by our counsel for the two arrests she has subjected herself to.

-Deanna L. Erickson maintains a private live stream feed and represents this feed as the official live stream for Occupy Indianapolis. Occupy Indianapolis has no official live stream at this time.

Effective immediately Deanna L. Erickson is banished from participation in and with Occupy Indianapolis. We encourage others associated with the Global Occupy movement, the press, online community and all supporters of Occupy Indianapolis to end all contact with her as we have.


And in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street,

Emily Dillon

Greg Lambert

David Fox

James Kerner

Occupy Indianapolis Legal Committee


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