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Review: Odd Indiana



Two and a half stars

Indiana State Museum. Two time zones, an inland sea on one end, a mighty river on the other and a capital city that's utterly landlocked: Indiana is odd, alright. It's about time the Indiana State Museum took notice. This exhibition of, ahem, odds and ends from their collection doesn't begin to mine the root cellar of what makes Indiana truly weird, preferring instead to skate by with a miscellany of curious artifacts, some of which, like the diabolical Nestle Perm Wave or Dr. Samuel Smith's Torpedo Magnetic Machine, were actually produced elsewhere. There are, however, enough indigenous bits to make this seemingly random show diverting and even strangely endearing, like an assortment of T.C. Steele's cigar butts (check out the portrait of the artist actually smoking one in the museum's art collection), a 1971 Bowmar Brain calculator (how did Indiana let its electronics industry get away?), or a jar of blackberries preserved by a farm wife in 1928. Through Feb. 12; 232.1637 or visit us at


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