Old 97's, Lydia Loveless

When: Sat., June 7, 9 p.m. 2014

We’ve got an interview with Murray from the Old 97’s on page 26, but here’s a bit from our chat with Lydia Loveless a few weeks back. She’s talking about the passage from Paul Verlaine’s “Aspirations” that she included on the back cover of Somewhere Else: “When I was originally writing the album and just sort of hating everything I was writing, I started reading Verlaine just to sort of inspire myself. At the time, I was reading more poetry than I normally do, and I think that was the first poem in a book that I got of his, and it really hit me. Reading that was a jumping off point for a lot the songs, but they aren’t necessarily about that. It’s just where I was at the time — thinking about the music business in general and any kind of art. It just really struck a chord with me. I ended up sending it to the people who were doing the artwork, and they ended up putting it on the album, which is awesome. For me, I think it really ties the album together.” 21+

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