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Open Society serving up coffee and pastries to Indianapolis

After over a year in the making the new restaurant/bar/coffee bar makes its debut


There’s a line and more people are coming in behind us. Despite it being only 10 a.m. there are very few baked goods left, they've been busy. The couple in front of us is indecisive. Is it too early to have a Spro’ni (an espresso based twist on the classic cocktail, Negroni)? They decide to go for a Cortado, a Tinker Coffee Colombia Caja Bamba espresso, and a croissant to split. For it being soft opening weekend the coffee bar team seems to have the drink making down to a science.

For over a year now I have been waiting for Open Society to open its doors. So, when I saw on Facebook that they were opening for coffee and pastry service over the weekend, I knew I had to stop in. I couldn’t have been more pleased by the experience. Well, other than that couple in front of me getting the last croissant. Luckily there was one final sample of the chocolate croissant, while my least favorite of all of the crumbly, buttery pastries, it didn’t disappoint at all. Plus, now I have one more reason to return.

Open Society's coffee and pastry bar - CAVAN MCGINSIE
  • Cavan McGinsie
  • Open Society's coffee and pastry bar
The place looks spectacular, and pretty similar to what you would imagine from a trendy restaurant opening in 2016. I think they call it rustic industrial. Wood. Iron. Brick. Cement. It looks hip, which sometimes can be a bad thing when aesthetics overtakes food and drink quality, however that is not happening at Open Society. The coffee is superb. I try a latte with the house made cashew milk, you can actually taste the earthiness of the coffee beans, something lost at most coffee shops that err on the side of scorching their coffee (Looking at you Starbucks). My girlfriend has the cold coffee (not cold brew) on ice, the flavor is robust and missing the unenjoyable acidity found in most cold coffee. They also have wine and beer options available, including beers from Central State and Black Acre. Plus, the service is friendly, fast, and knowledgable.

Now just a few more days until full service starting this Thursday and I'm looking forward to the Latin American street food concept to go along with the incredible wine list. Like the Terminator, I’ll be back.

Open Society, 4850 N. College Ave.,


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