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Opera reschedules Mikado


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Indianapolis Opera Reschedules Mikado Performances

February 11, 2010: Indianapolis Opera today announced the postponement of performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, which will be rescheduled for next season. The decision was made in order to preserve the financial security of the company during the current troubled economy. Dates of the future performances will be announced soon while the company works with the previously scheduled artists' calendars.

According to executive director John C. Pickett, declines in foundation and government funding forced the company to re-evaluate financial projections for the remainder of the company's fiscal year, which ends in June.

"While we were optimistic that ticket revenues for The Mikado would be similar to last season's sold-out performances of The Pirates of Penzance, mounting the production this spring still might have impacted the financial stability of the company," he said. "It is very difficult to disappoint our supporters, but we believe this decision will provide greater long-term protection of professional opera for Indiana audiences because it allows us more time to aggressively raise the necessary funds."

He added that ticket revenues cover, on average, only about 30 percent of the costs of a production. The remainder must come from foundation, government and individual donor support. In December of last year, the company was successful in meeting the challenge grant issued by the Indianapolis Opera Board of Directors with which the board matched a total of $40,000 in new or increased donations.

Ticket holders will be offered three options:

They may keep the seats they have if they choose to attend the rescheduled Friday and Sunday performances.

They may designate the value of their tickets as an immediate, tax-deductible donation to the Indianapolis Opera.

They may request a refund. Refunds will be distributed in April.

Instructions regarding how to proceed have been mailed to IO's customers.

Indianapolis Opera also has scheduled two events to allow patrons and supporters to ask questions, get opera updates and be entertained by favorite arias with the Indianapolis Opera Ensemble. The sessions are scheduled for 6pm on Monday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 23, both at the Basile Opera Center at 40th and Pennsylvania Streets. The public is also welcome.

"The Mikado was one of the productions selected for performance by popular vote last spring, so there is no question that we will fulfill our promise to offer this enjoyable production to our audiences," Pickett said. "Our Board of Directors is dedicated to working toward the company's financial stability and vision for opera in the community."

For further information or to facilitate interviews contact: Nancy Brown at 251-6929.


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