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Oreo Jones is a busy man. In between balancing multiple jobs and multiple bands, he found time to put together Chreece, an all-day hip-hop festival in Fountain Square this August. Now that Chreece is wrapped and Jones has a bit more time to chill, we asked him some questions about the best parts of Indianapolis.

Best New Restaurant


Best Place to Party

Line Em Up Saloon. It's located in the historic Garfield Park. Ask 'em what they put in their Vegas Bombs

Best Place to Eat After the Party

Gyro Boys

Local Personality You'd Want at Your Next Kegger

Nathan Arizona

Favorite Local Art Installation of the Year

Gotta go with The Droops' Long Gone installation at the iMoca gallery in the Alexander.

Best-kept Secret About Indy

If I told you it wouldn't be a secret

Best Musician/DJ/Band/Rapper

Sirius Blvck


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