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Oreo Jones's new music video



Last week the local music community was buzzing about a video for first single off Oreo Jones's upcoming album Super Model Death Dive. Constructed by local video production team A Million Other Things, directed by Jace and filmed by Nathan Karamanski, the piece boasts more than 20 cameos from local celebrities and Heavy Gun supporters.

The video opens with a long tracking shot, with the camera first exploring the front yard of a house full of people, and then moving inside to discover a well-attended chill session. Is it the Sunday morning after a great house party when people are waking up, shaking off hangovers and discussing brunch? Or is it a Saturday afternoon meet up to pre-game before heading out to a Heavy Gun show?

The video’s second half relocates to the City Market, maintaining the same sense of chillness, but stepping up the activity factor. There’s a picnic, a motor bike and even a choreographed dance scene with Milk’s favorite emcee.

Prior to the video’s debut, Heavy Gun released a couple of “behind the scenes” promo videos to build anticipation and pre-release hype. Check those out below, as well.

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