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Pacers release statement on George's Twitter stupidity


Perhaps you caught Paul George's now-deleted tweets on the Ray Rice situation.



Two things immediately happened: some folks on Twitter asked Mr. George to kindly STFU. Others were actually dumb enough to defend the professional athlete who was defending another professional athlete who knocked his then-fiancee unconscious with a punch to the head.

Larry Bird and Mr. George have since released the following statements:

Statements from Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird and Paul George

Posted: Sep 11, 2014

Statement from Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird:

"Paul George's tweets from earlier were thoughtless and without regard to the subject of domestic violence and its seriousness in society. We have talked to Paul to strongly express our displeasure and made it clear that the NBA and the Pacers' organization will not condone or tolerate remarks of this nature. Paul understands that he was wrong and why his tweets were so inappropriate and is very apologetic."

Statement from Paul George:

"I want to apologize to all victims of domestic abuse for my insensitive tweets. They were obviously without proper understanding of the seriousness of the situation and I sincerely regret my poor choice of word

Is EVERY major league sport in this country actively trying to alienate all the right-thinking human beings in America?


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