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Paintings by Cagney King


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Four stars

Cagney King works in concrete as a medium that she spreads on canvas but also in concrete (that is, to say, representational) images. In "Pull," you see the image of a naked man pulling on a rope: he's painted mostly white against the neutral gray backdrop of the cement-covered canvas. When your eye travels down from the torso to the hips you see the man, as well as the tension depicted elsewhere in the painting, appear to dissolve in a babble of letters. Language itself is a big subject for King. In the collage "Molecular Thoughts" she actually includes the text of a poem that she wrote. In another concrete canvas, "Unwisdom," nothing is pictured but text which reads: "THERE IS SOMETHING PATHETIC EVEN SAD IN THE COMMON UNWISDOM IN WHICH OUR POOR HUMANITY SUFFERS." This saying has the feel of a new truism, a morsel with the concrete texture of a jawbreaker that won't break apart to reveal its meaning with the first bite. Through Aug. 2; 317-955-2450, www.ARTBOXINDY.COM.


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