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Pat Riley entertains in exit interview


  • Courtesy: AP Photo/The Miami Herald

Miami Heat President Pat Riley has always commanded attention. From the snazzy suits and slicked back hair he's sported since his days as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers to the bulging championship ring that can frequently be seen on his right hand. Whether stops in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami Riley has always been the center of attention, and Thursday's season ending press conference was no different.

Surrounded by a room full of reporters Riley let it be known from the beginning that this wouldn't be your typical exit interview.

"You want to trend something?" Riley asked reporters sarcastically. "I'm pissed," said Riley before smacking both hands on the table in front of him.

What proceeded was a barrage of questions surrounding the future of Miami's "big three," the NBA Finals, and the possible addition of forward Carmelo Anthony.

Despite the 4-1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs Riley said he isn't going to overreact to the Finals loss and "rebuild" the team. "We need to retool, we don't need to rebuild," said Riley.

"I think we need to have a perspective about things. I think everybody needs to get a grip."

Riley even challenged his team to not give up and stay the course. "You got to stay together if you got the guts, and you don't find the first door and run out of it," he said. "What cements a forever-bond is going through what we went through this season and staying the course."

When asked about the pending free agency of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh Riley responded in a way that one could only expect from Pat Riley. "I didn't come down here 19 years ago for a quick trip to south beach and get a sun tan," Riley said. "And I don't think they did either."

Riley also spoke on the possibility of adding superstar Carmelo Anthony to the big three, and while he didn't rule out the idea he did say it was unlikely. "That's a pipe dream, but everybody thought 2010 was a pipe dream," said Riley referring to the addition of James and Bosh in the summer of 2010.

However, Riley said he is confident in that Miami Heat franchise will be strong.

"I'm optimistic. Until that's proven different, I just have a level of optimism that there isn't a better place for players to be than Miami."


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