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Patachou opening a new fried chicken restaurant

Crispy Bird will open at 49th & Penn in late 2016 or early 2017


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The crispy fried chicken from Public Greens, one of Patachou's other eateries. - CAVAN MCGINSIE
  • Cavan McGinsie
  • The crispy fried chicken from Public Greens, one of Patachou's other eateries.
Fried chicken. It’s a crispy, delicious godsend. Over the past few years it has quickly become one of the most highly-sought dishes across the country. In Indianapolis we have an incredible fried chicken scene. For years the best was found only in the soul food kitchens like Mississippi Belle and Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles, and also at the homestead restaurants like Hollyhock Hill and The Iron Skillet. But, over the past few years fried chicken has slowly come to the forefront of many trendier, new restaurants in the city including Thunderbird in Fountain Square and The Eagle on Mass Ave.

Martha Hoover, the brain behind the Patachou Foundation, has seen firsthand just how much we want crunchy, golden chicken. So, she is answering this desire with a brand new fried chicken restaurant, aptly named Crispy Bird. The new concept, which is slated to open later this year or early 2017, came about from the popularity of the dish at two of Hoover’s other restaurants. “We started serving fried chicken at Petite Chou in 2010,” Hoover says. “What I thought would be a one-time special turned out to be a weekly (every Wednesday) feature due to its extreme popularity. We serve a different version of fried chicken at Public Greens and that item has become our number one selling protein. It is obvious that fried chicken has a special place in everyone’s mind, especially mine!”

The timing couldn’t have worked out better with Martha’s son David (who will be taking the helm at Crispy Bird) returning from his culinary schooling in Paris and a stint in the kitchen at RELÆ, the only certifiably organic restaurant with a Michelin star and the number one restaurant in the world for sustainability (a driving force behind all of Patachou Foundation’s restaurants). According to Hoover, “My son, David, pretty much perfected “his” version [of fried chicken], experimenting at home over the years. His initial goal before moving to Paris for culinary training was to open a restaurant that specialized in fried chicken. Tyler Herald, our executive chef, is what I would call a student of fried chicken. When the real estate opportunity came available in the [Meridian-Kessler] neighborhood, we all looked at each other and said “hell yes”.”
  • Crispy Bird
Crispy Bird will be opening at 49th and Penn, in the neighborhood of the original Café Patachou and Patachou Foundation’s offices. As with all of Patachou’s spots it will be highly focused on local and sustainable, with the vertically-raised, GMO- and antibiotic-free chicken being provided by Gunthorp Farms in La Grange. Martha says, “The vegetable menu at [Crispy Bird] will share center stage with its fried chicken; gluten free, vegan and vegetarian offerings will be first, as opposed to second, thoughts.”

One added bonus to Crispy Bird is the space will serve as a sort of henhouse for new ideas, according to the initial press release: “Additionally, we are going to use the Crispy Bird® space at 49th and Penn as an incubator for new brands that are hatching next from Patachou Inc.”


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