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Paul Collins Beat: Sunday's must-see show



VENUE CHANGE: We got word Friday that this show has been moved to The Black Sparrow (223 Main St.) in West Lafayette.


When The Beat blasted out of L.A. in 1979 with "Rock and Roll Girl," it seemed like they would be the next big thing, the band that could move the kind of sugar-sweet power-pop pioneered by Big Star and The Raspberries into mass acceptance. Sadly, The Knack took off with the quasi-novelty "My Sharona" and The Beat got swallowed up in the shadow of The Knack's huge success (and subsequent backlash).

The most notice the band ever got was because an English ska had the same name.

But band leader Paul Collins has soldiered on still playing his forgotten classics and building up a body of work that power-pop geeks hold near and dear. If you like your music sweaty and your melodies sweet, you HAVE to be at this show.

If you are unsure, go online and check out his newest single "Kings of Power-Pop." An awesome tune that Ted Leo would give his left sperm sack for.


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