Peelander-Z + Electric Eel Shock

When: Tue., March 6, 7 p.m. 2012

Peelander-Z is a Japanese band currently in New York. The Band consists of three members: Peelander Yellow, the guitarist and lead singer, Peelander Red, the bassist, and Peelander Green, the drummer, who replaced Peelander Blue. There is also a Peelander Pink that helps out on stage sometimes.

Peelander-Z is a Japanese super-action comic band. They seem to make fun of a Japanese style of music known as Visual Kei which consists of bands that are mainly men that mainly dress up as girls and 80s hair bands. Visual Kei bands also make up stories such as being from the future. So Peelander-Z claims to be from planet Peelander section Z, and they claim that their costumes are actually their skin.

Peelanders live shows are really the bandÕs biggest draw. The band dresses in different costumes. Peelander Yellow has dressed as a banana and a yellow M&M, Peelander Red Usually wears an Indian headdress and a long robe with dragon wings on the back, and Peelander Blue wears boas and a championship wrestling belt.

Audience participation is a must at Peelander-Z shows. Audience members are brought up to bang pots and shake tambourines during some songs. The band holds up cue cards which tell the audience what to yell back during the songs. And the band gets audience members to play their instruments while Peelander Red partakes in human bowling by throwing Peelander Yellow at a set of bowing pins.

Price: Free.

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