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When: Sat., Aug. 6 2011

For peeled, Louisville based artist, Letitia Quesenberry will exhibit work that once were Polaroids. They were transformed and destroyed, creating something new and unique. Intrigued by the ephemeral, Quesenberry’s work seeks to explore absence and the unknown by introducing moments of perceptual uncertainty. In 2003 she began taking Polaroids to mark the days during a difficult personal time, taking one photograph every day for sixty days then storing the images away. Five years later, after hearing of Polaroid’s imminent demise, she began to deconstruct the prints, peeling apart the Polaroids’ edges and scanning the interior emulsion layers. The files are printed directly onto aluminum through dye sublimation, creating a faint, barely decipherable image of the original photograph that becomes more recognizable as the eyes adjust and the body moves around.

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Price: Free.

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