Pence proposes statehouse security increase

Governor requests nearly $875,000 to install turnstile doors around Statehouse



By Aubrey Helms

The state budget committee is expected to talk Friday about ramping up security at the Statehouse at a cost of nearly $875,000.

Gov. Mike Pence has requested the money from the general fund to install turnstile doors at locations around the Statehouse that currently just require a state-issued swipe card to enter.

According to the committee agenda, the move is meant to “address safety concerns on the entry points.”

The concern is that some of those with ID badges are holding allowing others to come in the doors behind them. The doors up for consideration would be turnstile doors that only allow one person through at a time.

Earlier this year Indiana State Police began stationing officers at the entrances. At that time they said there wasn’t a specific incident or concern that led to the ramped up security.

According to Friday’s agenda, the request is part of a “larger initiative taken on by the Department of Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the State Police.”

Pence has requested $873,000 that would come from the state’s general fund.

Aubrey Helms is the broadcast coordinator for, a news service powered by Franklin College journalism students.


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