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Pendleton teen creates anti-bullying app


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  • Madison County Chamber of Commerce

At sixteen years old, Pendleton Heights junior Brandon Boynton is already the CEO of his own company and gaining national attention for his entrepreneurial skills.

With the help of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and their Young Entrepreneur Academy program, Boynton began his company, MostBeastly Studios, and created a mobile app called The Bully Box.

The Bully Box allows students to give detailed information about assaults they witness, upload photos for evidence, and send them to a server that is accessed by the school's administration. The app can also apply to cyberbullying.

"So if it happens on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, then they can take a screen shot of it with their phone, and then upload it into the application," said Boynton.

The program is designed to help students make anonymous reports of bullying much easier and without fear of retaliation. The app also stores the evidence for administrators to use in their disciplinary investigations and has a simple form for administrators to fill out for reports to the State Department of Education.

"In the past, what they do typically is write down on paper generally what happened, then someone spends two or three days compiling that all on to a spreadsheet," said Boynton. "So the application does that for them."

The program also maintains a location database so school administrators can track incidents and increase security in high traffic areas or redistribute resources away from low traffic areas.

Boynton was one of six finalists in the Saunders Scholars Bright Ideas Business Plan Competition, a college scholarship program through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy awarding young minds for their brilliant business ideas. He was in Washington D. C. last week where he presented his business plan for the chance to win scholarship money for college, exclusive networking and business consultation opportunities, and a fast track audition for ABC's hit television show, Shark Tank.

Although Boynton didn't win the competition's grand prize, his business is getting off the ground and The Bully Box is getting some attention.

"I received a phone call from Liberty Christian, a private school in Anderson," Boynton said. "They had a board meeting and actually voted to adopt the application in their school."

Boynton plans to spend the summer pitching The Bully Box to other school corporations across the state. He also plans to create an LLC and meet with two investors who have reached out to him following his most recent successes.

Most of all, Boynton is proud the he is holding true to his company's motto - Apps that make a difference.

"The term I like to use is social entreprenueralism," said Boynton. "Yes, you are an entrepreneur but you're trying to do something productive. You're doing something that's going to benefit society. And that's one of the morals I that I want to keep."


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