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People for Urban Progress turns 5, gets pony



People for Urban Progresss latest product, The Clerk.
  • People for Urban Progress's latest product, The Clerk.
Urban "do" tank People for Urban Progress is celebrating its fifth birthday Nov. 1 with a concert at Do317 Lounge headlined by Ezra Furman and Boy-Friends. (It's also a kickoff show for Movember Indy, a totally worthwhile cause that we happen not to be talking about at length here.)

A few updates: PUP has installed 9 of its PUPstops, with 22 more in the works. That puts PUP 11 away from its goal of installing 42 of the bus stop "benches" made from repurposed Bush Stadium seats.

The organization was an Indiana Innovation Award Winner; video below. (They won a NUVO Cultural Vision Award earlier this year, of course.)

2013 Indiana Innovation Award Winner: People For Urban Progress from Engage Video on Vimeo.

And PUP is offering a new handbag: The Clerk.

That's all we've got. Check out our cover story on People for Urban Progress if you haven't already.


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