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Periods for Pence inspires reproductive organ-themed Adele parody

Get out your crayons.


Thousands gathered at the Statehouse in early April to protest HEA1337. - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Thousands gathered at the Statehouse in early April to protest HEA1337.

If you've been anywhere near a radio in the last, oh, four to seven months, you've heard the dulcet tones of Adele greeting you. Chances are, it's gotten irremovably stuck in your head. Today, Governor Mike Pence — embodied by Jenni Lynn Thompson — greets the women of Indiana in a new reproductive-themed anthem.

Take a listen. 

Hello, it's me.
Mike Pence in your vagina as you can probably see.
It's your body, but my ovaries.
I'm the governor of Indiana, might as well have a PHD.

Hello, can you hear me?
I'm in your uterus inaugurating myself and my whole team.
Casey Cox & Liz Brown
So many bigots in here... I that we're just bringing you all down.

There's such a difference between us...
I have my beliefs and my balls.

"All of the women involved in the Periods for Pence page are an inspiration to me. They're working hard to let our voices be heard. I thought it would be fun and a cool way to get involved and let other people know about the issues we're facing," Thompson said when I reached out to find out what inspired her Adele cover. 

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There's a good chance Periods for Pence organizers will play this over the speakers at tomorrow's Color a Vulva for Mike Pence, an event coordinated by the group.

Details below: 

Today, the "Periods for Pence" (P4P) grassroots effort, announced that it will sponsor "Color a Vulva for Mike Pence", an event designed to allow Hoosier to provide "Dr. Pence" with additional information about their reproductive health.

P4P is asking Hoosiers to attend the event (details below) to color printed coloring pages of both male and female reproductive parts to give "Dr. Pence" better insight into their reproductive health. The event is being organized by P4P supporters Dionne Goodman and Kim Saylor, both of Indianapolis. "Dionne and Kim have done a great job of coming up with a unique and innovative way of capturing the attention of Hoosiers and P4P is proud to sponsor their event", said the organizer of Periods for Pence, who wishes to remain anonymous, a resident of the Indianapolis suburbs.

"We want Gov. Pence to have enough information to act as 'Dr. Pence' for ourselves and our fellow Hoosiers. By providing him with a chance to examine depictions of our reproductive systems, we hope he'll gain much needed insight" said Kim Saylor, an event organizer and P4P supporter. She said she takes the Governor at his word that he only wants to protect women's health and wants to provide him with the necessary information to protect her.

P4P, along with the organizers, plans to hand-deliver this information, which is being voluntarily submitted by constituents who desire assistance, to the office of Governor Pence in the days following the rally.

If you go: 
Color a Vulva for Mike Pence
Friday, April 22, 6 p.m. 
IBEW Local #481, 1828 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis
WHO: Periods for Pence


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