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Phallus in Wonderland: Gwar at The Vogue



My four undergraduate years in St. Louis spoiled me. While I was was living there, tons of awesome bands rolled through. So many, in fact, that I often had to struggle to decide what show I was going to go to on a given night. A coin flip once decided wether I would go to see Mars Volta or Cursive. This was a very good problem to have and I miss having those kinds of choices to make now that I’m back in Indiana. But every now and then, two good shows get stacked on the same night.

I am currently wrestling with one such predicament. Last week, I was dead set on going to see The Thermals in Bloomington. But now I’m torn. I recently discovered that on that same night (October 4), Gwar is playing The Vogue. I’m in a bit of a pickle but it is a very good pickle.

I love The Thermals for their wonderfully simplistic music, but Gwar live is a true spectacle. The long-running band incorporates just about every style of loud, heavy music into their sound, which alone is impressive. But the true selling point of Gwar is their elaborate, over-the-top live show.

Mixing the best of heavy metal cliches, the Cthulhu mythos and Norse mythology, Gwar is to metal, thrash and hardcore what The Dwarves were to pop-punk and rock and roll. Anyone attending their live show is guaranteed to get doused in some sort of elaborately dispensed liquid, see ridiculous costumes and hear some hilariously provocative lyrics.

Gwar: H.P. Lovecraft would be proud.
  • Gwar: H.P. Lovecraft would be proud.

Also, opening for Gwar are street punk heavy-hitters The Casualties. I’m sure that many fans of punk music listened to The Casualties when they were in high school, and quickly grew out of them, but there is no denying that they put on an exciting show as well. Their show last year was the best show ever held at the E.S. Jungle.

I', still perplexed as to which show I should go see, but I'm excited to be in this kind of a pickle again... because either way, I win.


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