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Plan-It-X Fest sells out*



A few weeks ago, the batch of pre-sale tickets for the most recent installment of Plan-It-X Records'Plan-It-X Fest sold out in three hours. This is a huge deal for Plan-It-X records, a huge deal for Bloomington, and a huge deal for Indiana punk rock.

Plan-It-X is a home-grown record label that has brought Indiana its most national music buzz since John Cougar Mellencamp. The label is at the core of the national (and international) “folk punk” movement. Bands like Defiance, Ohio, Japanther and even folk punk apostates Against Me! started their influential careers on the tiny Bloomington label’s roster.

MOUNTAIN GOATS: Just one goat...
  • MOUNTAIN GOATS: Just one goat...

In true DIY punk rock fashion, Plan-It X specializes in 7” singles and donation-based downloads. Plan-It X also emphasizes the “community” element in “punk rock community”. The label’s owner, Chris Johnston, emphasizes bringing people together - and not just for concerts, but to support various socially-conscious causes. The last Plan-It X Fest, in 2006, raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

After a four-year break, Plan-It X Fest is back...and with a vengeance. The line-up, when announced, blew away devotees of the label, myself included. The current line-up includes powerhouse names like Kimya Dawson, Mountain Goats and The Max Levine Ensemble, as well as Bloomington act Good Luck.

DEFIANCE OHIO: The most important band in the state
  • DEFIANCE OHIO: The most important band in the state

The four-year gap between fests was enough to turn Plan-It X fans into rabid beasts. When the internet pre-sale started on November 23, 500 tickets for the three day event were snatched up in about three hours by internet-savvy folk punks from around the country.

Because there were issues with the organization's Paypal account, a few tickets left for sale, so there is still hope for a few of you folk punks who were slow to the draw. Whether or not you have tickets for this year’s PIX Fest, June 24 to 26 will be a fun time to be in Bloomington. For updates and ticket info, you can check out the Plan-It-X website.


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