Plat 99

Driving by the new CityWay complex on South and Delaware streets, it is impossible not to notice the 99 colorful hanging lanterns on the second floor of The Alexander hotel’s bar, Plat 99. Though the bar is connected with the hotel, this is no hotel bar stereotype. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Jorge Pardo, the space establishes a stylish and vibrant ’60s vibe that transports one into a land where the mixologist reigns supreme. The seasonal drink menu offers local brews and an ample wine list, but cocktails are the main attraction. Presented in a timeline format, each cocktail highlights a moment in mixology history dating from the 1850s to now. Try the tiki style “Jasper’s Jamaica” cocktail with rum, lemon and nutmeg, or the “Definition of Insanity,” a fresno pepper-infused rye bourbon drink that is just as tingly as it is refreshing. Truffled popcorn is served as a bar snack, and artisanal sandwiches, raw oysters and Smoking Goose charcuterie boards are also available for sharing.

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