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Praise be, Prizzy Prizzy Please reunites for Friday show



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Local music fans probably spent many a night spazzing out to electro punks Prizzy Prizzy Please in Bloomington basements seven or eight years ago. The excellent, bizarre sax and keyboard band relocated to Chicago and did what great college bands do after some years together: fell apart. Happily, the quartet returns to Indy on a mini reunion tour that stops at General Public Collective Friday.

Before the show, vox/sax player Mark Pallman filled me in on what the band has been up to since their last show at Radio Radio in 2010. It involves secret government research in the Alps. Really.

NUVO: What have you guys been up to lately?

Mark Pallman: Like most bands, it's not very convenient or practical to do full force for a very long time. We were a very active band from 2006 to 2010, but in 2009, we all left Bloomington and kind of migrated off on our own paths. Ted (keys), Scott (drums), and myself all moved to Chicago and Bob (bass) stayed in Indiana to finish up one of his masters degrees.

In Chicago, we all worked in a warehouse packaging and shipping t-shirts while we finished up our last record Chroma Cannon and planned one last blowout tour. It's been eloquently dubbed "The Tour That Ended Music" because none of us have played in bands since. I think we all kind of realized at the time that it wasn't something we'd keep doing forever. Everyone was just kind of burnt out on it and ready to do new things.

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Scott now has his own music curation business Uncanned Music and record label International Anthem. We're actually playing these shows in support of a record he recently released for Ahleuchatistas. They will be playing with us in both Indianapolis and Bloomington. They rule.

I've spent the past six plus years working in advertising and directing commercials for Optimus, a production company in Chicago. I recently started my own little production company as well called Special Occasion, with my longtime directing partner. We make videos (and music) for anything you will pay us to make.

Ted is living in Saint Louis, where he recently earned his law degree from Washington University. He is now a full fledged, certified, practicing attorney at law. These credentials are not to be taken lightly. He can get you out of any legal jam using the immense power of his superior brain. He is terrifyingly over-qualified to be in this band.

Bob is working in a secret university lab somewhere in the French Alps solving math and science problems for the government in some highly classified programs. He is currently working towards earning his Ph.D is "Super Powers." I am being 100 percent honest. He has explained his work to me like 10 times now and my feeble plebeian brain can't seem to wrap its neurons around it any more clearly than that. He unfortunately won't be at the show, because he is defending his PhD that same weekend. (PHD>PPP.)

Our good bud Brett Haley, of Spokesmen and Parlor fame will be playing bass with us instead. Brett has been making music and things out of wood since he was born. He is the best guy I know.

NUVO: What will you play at the show?

Pallman: The set list isn't really in stone, but it will be 100 people old classics. NO NEW SONGS (because we haven't written any). There may be a couple choice covers peppered in there too.

NUVO: Are there any plans for future releases?

Pallman: We don't have anything planned or in the works, but I wouldn't doubt we put something out again eventually. It may be next year, in ten years, or never. You just never know. I'd love to record some PPP again though.

NUVO: What's your favorite Bloomington or Indy memory of playing PPP shows?

Pallman: Statehouse shows were obviously super special. The parties there were epic and the shows got so rowdy and fun. There is video evidence to immortalize too (in spite of the absence of smart phones). 

I also am very fond of one particular joint Indy/ Bloomington memory from like 2006 or 2007. We opened in the evening for Spoon at the Vogue (easily the biggest show we ever played) and then loaded up the van to play at the Bluebird later that night in Bloomington for Rock n' Roll Prom. (We performed as "Bruce Cougar Mellenstein" that night, playing mashups and medleys of John Cougar and Bruce Springsteen songs with dear friend Michael Hodges. Looking back, that night was pretty epic and stands out in a cloudy memory bank of sloppy, drunk performances.

If you go: 
Prizzy Prizzy Please with VV Torso and Ahleuchatistas.
Friday, May 20
General Public Collective, 1060 Virginia Ave.


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