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Prine concert, Mellencamp on Smiley and V-Roy's new band



John Prine
  • John Prine
NPR and PBS continue to be among the best at chronicling live music and singer/songwriters.
AUDIO: Hear John Prine (with Indiana's Jason Wilber on guitar) - Live at Newport Folk Festival.
Listen Here

VIDEO: John Mellencamp has been on the PBS Tavis Smiley program all week, talking Monday about his new album and playing music on each of the next four nights. has put together a very nice compilation of the apearances. And what's the connection between Mellencamp and the host? Smiley went to IU, and used to go to the early John Cougar shows.
Watch video (interview and performances) here

AMERICANA ROCK BAND ALERT: Mic Harrison and The High Score have a new album, Great Commotion. The word is that the Tennessee guys all have day jobs, and took a six month break to write and record the new album. The cut below hits into an Elvis Costello-ish vein, with jangly, rootsy, midwestern guitars and REM drums.

Harrison, a native of Bradford, Tennessee native was a member of the twang/roots-rockers V-Roys, joining just as the band was being signed by Steve Earle's label. He hung with Scott Miller and the rest of the band for three albums, and toured everywhere before they disbanded in 1999. Mic released two solo albums, and then hooked up with The High Score in 2007.

Great Commotion is the first release totally recorded and produced by the band, and was mastered by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (Dan Baird, Bottle Rockets) - roots rock with power pop.


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