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(Promo) Sarah Out and About: Ready for baseball


My friend Emily won big at a Bingo game back in February that won her tickets to the Pacers/Cavs game last night. Walking into the game, I had mixed feelings.

First of all, I love watching sports. Really any sport as long as you give me a team to cheer for. And of course, there's the beer and peanuts. I'm not hard to please, but I have to have my beer and nuts.

Basketball has always been one of my favorite sports to watch. Since I was growing up watching Michael Jordan, to when I was in high school watching LeBron play (I grew up in Cleveland and saw Bron Bron play high school ball) to Butler basketball, it's fun and entertaining, and some of these guys just floor me with the talent they bring to the court.

Recently, though, the big time sports in Indy have caused some controversy with the CIB crisis and plans to increase taxes to bail out some of these teams. For me, also being a pretty large arts advocate, it is hard to get really excited about going to these games.

Last night did make me wish I was a kid again, though. I stood in the elevator to get to Conseco with a little boy poking his way between me and Emily. The elevator bell rang, and as soon as those doors opened, he bolted through the crowd, so excited for the game. CIB's and bailouts didn't mean anything to this kid. He just wanted to see his heroes play some ball. And as those jerseys came onto the court, I will admit, the controversies and worries went away for a bit, and I sat down and enjoyed a great game of basketball at a great venue. Just like a kid again (well, minus the beer).

The game finished, and I was in a great mood. Cavs won (which I was happy about--again, born in Cleveland), however, as I was leaving Conseco, I again had those mixed feelings about what was going to happen in the near future.

But as we drove away, I saw Victory Field in the distance----beer, peanuts, cheap tickets, record setting attendance----with all of this bailout talk, I'm looking forward to another season as a Tribe fan.

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