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(Promo) Sarah Out & About: Silver in the City is Golden


When people come to visit me who are new to the city, I seem to hear a similar comment out of them-- "Everyone is so nice here."

When working at events and working at NUVO, sometimes, well, you don't always see this. There are the people that come to the NUVO table at an event saying our paper is full of a bunch of dumb liberals. I've also had people call my work phone yelling that we don't support local music because we won't give them free advertising (seriously, one guy had me on the phone for a half hour).

However, there are many days when I realize why my visitors find this city so friendly.

One of those days happened last week. I had a couple meetings in the afternoon and was running all over the place. On my way out the door of NUVO, one of my favorite bracelets broke in two and fell off my wrist. My best friend made it for me for my birthday, and I absolutely love it. But it broke. I had no time to worry about it, so I shoved it in my pocket and drove downtown.

I had a small break in between meetings and was down on Mass Ave. I saw Silver in the City down the street and figured I could spend the fifteen minute break I had possibly looking for a way to fix my bracelet.

Now, I'm the kind of girl who will pretty much refuse to admit that I need help because I think I can fix most things myself (I'm working on this). And in the store, I could not find anything to help me with my bracelet. So, I broke down and asked the cashier for help.

"I'm looking for something to link my bracelet. It pretty much broke in half."

He looked at it, and simply replied, "I'll fix it for you."

After five minutes of looking at Jesus Christ dolls and bacon flavored toothpicks (I love the stuff they have there!), my bracelet was given back to me, fixed, and as good as new.

Ok, so I don't know if this is normal protocol at any store, but I was pretty blown away that he would just put a new link on it for me for no charge. Of course, being me and feeling bad that he did it for free, I bought one of their awesome shop local bags (visit here! just carrying it around gets you discounts at certain stores

I was off to my next appointment, but that random act of kindness really made my day---and really made Silver in the City look like gold.

Sarah Myer is NUVO's Marketing and Promotions Manager; contact her directly at


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