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Pumped for PASIC



The Percussive Arts Society's annual international conference kicks off next Wednesday. Here's a few tidbits about exciting programming the society is planning for this year's event. And don't forget to catch up on our cover story from last year about the society. 

Marketing and Communications Director Matthew Altizer says, 

"This year's convention has over 120 different events and includes artists like: Billy Cobham (Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra), Will Kennedy (The YellowJackets), Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr), Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band), many university ensembles, including Yale, Depauw, and Univ of Kentucky, 7 of the top 10 Marimba artists in the world, So Percussion, Third Coast Percussion and PASIC DrumLine Battle. Evening concerts include a 30th anniversary celebration of the Amadinda Percussion Group from Hungary, a tribute to 2014 PAS Hall of Fame member Art Blakey, and a concert by Grammy-winner Glen Velez (Paul Winter Consort)."

He continues:

No Drummers, No Direction: a brief overview of American Military Drumming, 1775 to present.

ND,ND. explores the role of a drummer in American military bands. We'll examine each period in US history through instruments, uniforms, and other artifacts. In addition, you can experience the music used in the 19th Century military bands and how the music compares to our modern military music and today's marching percussion section. The exhibit comes to life through an in-depth interactive media display featuring photos, video, audio and much more.

Artifacts on display includes an authentic Avery Brown Civil War-era marching snare with drumsticks, photographs, and an enrollment document dated August 18, 1861; WWII marching snare drums; and turn-of-the-century drums and fifes, and replicas from the Revolutionary War and Civil War. 

That exhibit opens Nov. 20th at PAS's museum, the Rhythm Discovery Center. Much more information about the conference, including programming schedules, can be found at the link. 


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