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Punk Rock Prom 2013 at The Hoosier Dome



This past weekend, Piradical Productions held their annual all-ages Punk Rock Prom at the Hoosier Dome in Fountain Square, where patrons were encouraged to "dress your best and bring your dancing shoes." This year featured several pop punk acts, including The Purple Peanut Armada's last show, girl-punk group No Direction, Pirad favorite Highway Magic, the energetic Automagik, and shred masters Diarrhea Planet, who have made this their second consecutive appearance in Indy's Punk Rock Prom.

Plenty of antics were seen throughout the show, including but not limited to: stage dives, crowd surfing, pool toys of various shapes and sizes, kids hanging upside down from a steel beam above the stage, the Purple Peanut Armada's bass player inviting participants to shave his head on stage, Automagik's drummer enlisting the crowd's help to send a Mother's Day message to his mom, kids rushing the stage to grab a microphone and sing along to their favorite songs and the traditional Punk Rock Prom photo booth.

At the end of the night, as also per tradition, all the bands and everyone in attendance gathered around the front of the stage for a group photo. It was the largest one yet.


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