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PUP repurposes Super Bowl materials


A shower curtain designed by Liz Roney. - SUBMITTED PHOTO

People for Urban Progress (PUP) recently unveiled a new line of products fashioned from advertising materials used for the Super Bowl. The current line includes wallets, shower curtains and beach bags, and is available at the PUP studio and Outpost Indianapolis Local Apparel, both located in The Murphy Building in Fountain Square.

The products sell for $40-45.

The NFL did not want to discard the advertising materials associated with the Super Bowl, and a member of a Super Bowl committee put them in touch with PUP.

In total, PUP acquired five miles of material, including fence wraps, fabric mesh and vinyl banners.

Each item created from the materials is unique. When possible, logos are integrated into the final product, but this is not always the case in order to allow for both bold and subtle appearances.

Subsequent lines of products made from the Super Bowl materials will be sold online through the PUP website, but for now the products are only available in Indianapolis.

The eventual expanded availability of local products is an exciting prospect for PUP.

"At PUP and Outpost, we aim to promote locally-made and locally-designed goods, says Michael Bricker, Chief Innovator at PUP. As our work expands, we like the idea of someone in Portland or Austin buying something that says it was 'made in Indianapolis.' With the fabric from the Super Bowl, we're excited to expand our line of high-quality local gear. New colors, designs, and products will be rolling out all summer and fall."

Jessica Bricker, Product Manager/Lead Designer at PUP, describes her experience creating the products. "It's been an exciting new project to work with a variety of new materials and color. I feel really good about keeping this five miles of material out of the landfill and giving it new life."

Wallets designed by Jessica Bricker, PUP's Product Manager/Lead Designer. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Submitted photo
  • Wallets designed by Jessica Bricker, PUP's Product Manager/Lead Designer.

Jessica designed the wallets and beach bags and Liz Roney of the brand Liz Alig designed the shower curtains.

PUP is everywhere

Past PUP projects including purses, messenger bags and wallets made from the RCA Dome roof material and bus stop seating made from repurposed Bush Stadium seats have utilized durable goods, but the Super Bowl line extends the life of normally ephemeral materials.

In its various endeavors, PUP partners with such organizations as RecycleForce, IndyGo, Ecolaborative and Indianapolis Fabrications.

PUP hopes the public will think of them as advocates for public transportation in addition to producers of products.

Innovation Developer Amy Crook explains, "A lot of people just know People for Urban Progress for their (RCA) Dome wear, their Bush Stadium seating ... people don't really realize that they are behind a lot of transportation initiatives. The sale of goods enables them to be able to put some other larger projects to work.

PUP is always looking for volunteers to assist in creating products and is especially interested in working with fashion design students from local universities.

Now that the Super Bowl is relegated to memory, purchasing one of PUP's new products provides a unique and authentic way of remembering the event and its meaning for Indianapolis. Proceeds from the products will support PUP initiatives.


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