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Questions for your Thursday commute


Yes, those are plastic tubs - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Yes, those are plastic tubs

As I gaze out my window at Tarkington Park, which is slowly but surely being covered with the first dusts of snow for the season, I'm not looking forward to my commute home. I have to say it - I'm one of the ones so fervently complained about during the cold months. I cannot drive in winter weather.

But today, I'll soldier on Downtown, mostly because I'm excited to attend tonight's Happy Hour program at Hilbert, where the ISO and Time for Three will play with Plastic Musik, a Blue Man-like percussion group

Will they play the hits?

Or ... pop culture hits of the 17th century?

More music questions to ponder on your commute:

Do you have a tattoo commemorating your favorite band? Did you get it in a prison, like it appears some of these inked folks did?

Whose side are you on in this Guided By Voices feud? What do you think was the story behind that fascinating little J. Mascis anecdote? More importantly, which is the better album: Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes?


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