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Quickies: The Mundies



We tracked down Five questions for The Mundies, a four-piece improvisational rock group based in Bloomington. They'll perform with Main Squeeze Friday at the Vogue.

NUVO: How how has the transition to the Indianapolis music scene challenged you as a band?

Nick Johnson: Well, Bloomington is a very active, bustling music scene, but it's also smaller. There are less people, and fewer venues, so Indy has challenged us because it has opened us up to a bigger audience. It's almost like we're smaller fish in a bigger pond.

NUVO: How would you describe the dynamic of performing in a group with both a father and son?

Kris Frick: At first it was different, because we had an original drummer - - then it was more of hobby. Once my dad joined the band, things got a lot more serious, because he would have to drive from Indy to Bloomington when we first started playing together. It is a lot of fun working with him, though, because he's been playing for 20 - - 30 years and he has a lot of experience. He's played with lots of older bands, and it's a different experience I'm proud of.

Johnson: It's really cool to see the father-son dynamic, especially when it comes to improv, because it's almost like a higher connection or consciousness between them when they're communicating through music. It's definitely something I've thought about before. It's funny to watch Philip [Frich,the drummer, and Kris' father], because he straddles that line of band member and parent. I think he does a good job of keeping us in line.

NUVO: Yeah, I imagine that's an aspect that's really important to a growing band who's working on their audience and what not.

Frick: Yeah, he definitely tells us some things that we should and shouldn't do. [laughs]

NUVO: The Mundies are opening for another Bloomington band, The Main Squeeze, on Dec. 14 at The Vogue. What do you anticipate about this show?

Frick: When we first started, the Main Squeeze were the band to help us get our foot in the door at The Bluebird down in Bloomington. We played their album release show.

Johnson: It's really cool to play with them, because when we were first starting down in Bloomington the Main Squeeze was hustling hard. They were really on their game, so it's great to see a band like that moving on up to Chicago and playing in all the places that they've played.

NUVO: I know that you all are mostly known for your live improvisational rock style, but tell us about the studio album you've been working on.

Frick: It's an 11 song album,and there's both some new material on it and some old stuff that has evolved over the past two years. We're really proud and happy with it.


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