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Radio Time Machine

When: Sat., March 24 2012

Staff and students of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, South Indianapolis will be performing “Radio Time Machine,” a combination of ballroom and stage, showcasing music’s ability to transcend time. The show will have two layers. One layer is a story about a character named Phyllis and her journey through life. Each decade will highlight a different moment in her life and a different person will play her character. The show opens with Kylie Clayton (8), dancer from Tippy Toes and will end with Phyllis Dumm, not only inspiration for the story, but also a student of the school who has studied for the last 22 years and is still dancing beautifully at the age of 88. Although the story is fictional, it has been woven into the production in honor and celebration of her. The second layer is about visiting various generations and celebrating them through music and dance. When the radio dial is turned, the audience is transported to another time. The stations will tune through over eighty years of life as well as jumping to different stations all the way to classical. The show will also play radio commercials in between scenes that were broadcasted during that time including the very first radio commercial ever played! This is a concept never before performed by a ballroom studio and is sure to entertain all ages. Call or stop by Fred Astaire Dance Studio today and get your tickets!

Price: $10 Adults/$5 Kids.

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