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Radiohead's 'TKOL RMX 1234567'



The songs on Radiohead's TKOL RMX 1234567 are revisions in the most complicated and satisfying way. More than extended versions or jam sessions, these are whole new thesis-statement revisions: songs you know, but in an entirely different wardrobe.

Nineteen interpretations of songs from The King of Limbs, with artists chosen to collaborate. Certainly this album is for the fans (who may enjoy this slideshow from a show a few years back in Indy - Eds.)—for the ones who already love these tracks, but if you've ever really known an artist, you know that they keep messing with their masterpieces long after they declare them finished. Tinkering, re-spacing, adding depth, removing shadow, trying a new color.

You will go back to the original version of this album. You'll find yourself skipping through some of these renditions, but this band embodies the artist who is never finished. "Stay hungry, stay foolish," applies here. This isn't a new album, obviously, and a lot of times people (even huge fans) are turned off by remix albums (almost as hokey as "best of" albums). But here, it seems more like a project—more like a band letting us inside their brain. This is really just Thom Yorke messing around—but people crave that: the video of him dancing to "Lotus Flower" went absolutely viral earlier this year. The man is onto something—keep watching.


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