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Record Store Day 2016 arrives Saturday in Indianapolis

We're very, very, very, very, very excited.



  • Photo by Ashley Baylor // Design by Elaine Benken
Record Store Day is April 16. Are you mentally prepared? Expect the ecstasy: All your favorite releases available en masse! Zillions of specialty RSD-only goodies! Seeing all of your buds! Live, free music all over town during daylight hours!

And of course, the agony: Your wallet, obviously.

As always, stores all over Central Indiana are celebrating. We're celebrating too, with a massively expanded music section covering all kinds of vinyl ephemera, plus total listings of RSD goings-on in Indy, Bloomington, West Lafayette, Fort Wayne and Muncie. We don't have enough space to list the huge array of specialty worldwide RSD releases — you've got to log on to to see that. But we do hope you find something new about local wax enthusiasts in this jam-packed vinyl issue.

We encourage several things for those that take RSD seriously: getting a good night's sleep the night before; biking from shop to shop; planning a nap somewhere in the middle of your day; bringing lots of cash for tacos and beer.

The best day to be a vinyl enthusiast all year often happens to coincide with the most beautiful weather of the year. The current forecast? 75 degrees and sunny. Oh, happy day. 

See you in line!

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