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Recycling downtown

#indyrecycling is returning to downtown



Hi, Renee,

I live in downtown Indy. I, along with many of my neighbors, have enjoyed walking to the local grocery store (Marsh Marketplace on New Jersey St.) to recycle using the community collection bin. Unfortunately, the new owners of the property have decided to do away with the collection bin — probably because it is many times overflowing from tremendous use! Now, we have to drive our recyclables to another inconvenient location in another part of the city, which doesn’t make any sense at all from a conservation perspective! I’m afraid that many of my neighbors will simply stop recycling, and that’s not good! How do you recommend going about getting our recycling bin back — if not in the same location, somewhere else in close proximity? With so many more people moving downtown, it just makes sense to have a downtown collection location. Don’t you think?


Hi, Mary,

Just a few hours after I received your email, a little birdie told me about a new recycling drop-off location in downtown Indianapolis. Sustain Indy tweeted: “Great news: #indyrecycling is returning to downtown! Drop-off will be located in the lot just north of 202 N. Alabama.” They also posted an interactive map of the other Recycle Indianapolis Drop-Off containers

If you do find yourself in a situation where the containers are overflowing, please DO NOT leave recyclables outside of the container. In fact, that is the main reason property owners, like Marsh, choose not to host a container.

Don’t forget RecycleForce (recycleforce.org) which is very close to downtown, accepts all recyclables, and serves a double purpose for our city!

Piece out,


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