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Pottery by Derryl Craddock
  • Pottery by Derryl Craddock

The Indianapolis Art Center (820 East 67th Street) has long been one of my favorite places to visit. The blonde wood entrance, high ceilings, and expansive galleries with oft-fascinating art that I long to purchase are always welcoming. My afternoon visit took me through a doorway still decorated with gauzy scarves from ArtSparkle, a Moroccan-themed end-of-summer party. Once I passed the gift shop that beckoned to me (and my credit card), I took a quick left and saw that the Annual Faculty Exhibition was decorating the Church-Fesenfeld Gallery, as well as the Frank M. Basile Exhibition Corridor. I fell in instant “Oooh!” with a vase by instructor Derryl Craddock, a ceramics instructor who has taught at the center for more than 10 years. The picture I took (and probably wasn’t supposed to take) doesn’t do the vase justice. Luckily, the works, which include digital photography and watercolors, are on display until October 3. Hasten thee to Broad Ripple, art lover! Well... in the next six weeks or so.

The Sarah M. Hurt Gallery contained numerous works by Best of Student Show winner Martin Friedman, who asserts in his artist statement that he “grew up without any training or interest in the visual arts.” Friedman is clearly a natural; I would’ve guessed he had, at the very least, an advanced arts degree under his belt. He’s been taking classes for about 12 years, six of them at the art center. I liked his work, especially his raku pieces, a style I typically don’t have much interest in. The burnished, coppery sheen that is raku takes away the flat, smooth coolness I like about pottery, but it worked on Friedman’s Luster Series. His work is also on display until October 3.

A raku vase by Martin Friedman
  • A raku vase by Martin Friedman

Visit or call 317-255-2464 for information about the exhibits and special events like their open house on September 10.


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